Chaim Lubelsky
Importer Distributor Broker
Mobile: 00 32 489 278 278
Gretrystraat 1
B-2018 Antwerpen

Hazon Foods founded through the alliance of myself and my partner, with a combined experience of over 2 decades:

  • Dealing with various product groups (GMCG, Toys, etc…) to: Mass Retailers, Buying Groups, Discounters, etc…
  • Food Industry: sourcing, developing and putting it to the market.

Our combined experience, we have established a network and connections in the Food Industry, and other industries, across Europe and rest of the World, with manufacturers, reliable trading partners, to offer opportunities to expand product groups, innovation, in developing sales.

The opportunities, which we can bring to you, are:

  • Brokering
  • Private Label Projects
  • Introducing new items
  • Introducing new and/or innovative products, through trial or direct placement
  • Introducing new factories
  • Offering Promotions, one-shot deal in the food industry
  • Sourcing & Developing Product, idea you might, wish, require, desire, need or want.

By working transparent with all parties, and our experience and know-how we know we can offer, opportunities that will benefit all parties.